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  • Honey pomelo, pomegranate and fennel salad

    Honey pomelo, pomegranate and fennel salad

    Salad in the middle of winter?? Yep, because sometimes there’s too much stodge and I fancy eating something lighter. Pomegranate and fennel are two of my favourite salad ingredients, especially this…

  • Moroccan pulled pork and jewelled cous cous

    Moroccan Pulled Pork and Jewelled Cous Cous

      This is a commissioned post   Bank holidays are great for catching up with friends and family and hopefully getting outside and enjoying some good weather too. My family love…

  • Baking

    Pomegranate & Rose Iced Muffins

    You may not have heard about them yet but there’s a new yoghurt company in town, Chobani is the name to look out for and you’ll find their yoghurts in selected…