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  • Cranberry tart with pecan pastry

    Cranberry Tart with Pecan Pastry

    It’s that time of year again where I get all excited about the return of fresh cranberries. Apparently I’ve created a reputation for myself as a truly cranberry obsessed food blogger,…

  • Cranberry and lime shortbread creams

    Cranberry and lime shortbread creams

      I just can’t leave cranberries alone can I? If you’re new to my blog, I’m a cranberry addict as long time readers will confirm. Good news is that I’ve found…

  • Baking

    Fresh Cranberry Recipes Round Up

    A few days later than I originally planned but never too late if like me you still have cranberries hidden away in the freezer. There were lots of lovely entries into…

  • Baking

    Spiced Cranberry & Marzipan Loaf Cake

    Following on from my first savoury cranberry recipe of the season, a bacon, leek & cranberry risotto, here’s my first cranberry cake recipe. I’ve combined 3 of my favourite ingredients in…