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  • Smoked Sausage Pasta Bake

    Smoked Sausage Pasta Bake

      I almost called this post ‘funky sausage pasta’ but on reflection I thought it sounded a little daft and none of you would know what on Earth I was talking…

  • smokey cheddar bread rolls

    Smokey Cheddar Bread Rolls

      I’m feeling a bit cheesy at the moment, my last two posts have contained cheese, first the barley and feta salad swiftly followed by a cheesy butternut squash pasta bake…

  • cheesy roasted squash pasta bake

    Cheesy Roasted Butternut Squash Pasta Bake

      I love cheese and pasta together, one of my favourite things to cook when I’m home alone is pasta with cheese sauce. A generous portion of whichever pasta shapes we…

  • chorizo, red pepper and cheddar quiche

    Chorizo, red pepper and cheddar quiches

    I love a good quiche but I don’t seem to make them anywhere near often enough. By starting the new pastry challenge, I thought this would be a good excuse to…

  • Uncategorized

    Cheesy Chorizo Flatbreads

    After the success of my thyme, black garlic and tomato flatbreads last week, I decided that instead of baking a loaf of bread to have for lunchbox sandwiches this week, I…

  • Vegetarian

    Cheesy Mushroom Pasta Bake

    Last night I was home alone as my boyfriend was working late, he didn’t get home until 3am this morning, luckily he didn’t wake me up when he came in. He’s…