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  • Apple and root veg juice

    Apple and root veg juice

      Well that was a completely unplanned 3 month blogging break. You’re probably wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. The answer is nothing particularly exciting, I’ve just been…

  • Meat

    Meatballs with a hidden veg sauce

    Time for my second batch cooking post, so far these meatballs have been our favourite dish and I’m glad I made a big batch of them. Having them in individual portions…

  • Meat

    Turkey & Chickpea Curry

    Here is the first of my batch cooking recipes, a protein packed turkey and chickpea curry, a great dish to fill up hungry people and for me a good source of…

  • Soups

    Spiced Carrot & Red Lentil Soup

    After the rather warm start to October the weather has finally turned and we are now most definitely in autumn. The temperature has dropped, there’s piles of crispy brown leaves to…