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  • green veggies minestrone

    Green Veggies Minestrone

      I did some freezer rummaging the other day looking for the last couple of chocolate religieuses that I’d stashed away back in April because I wanted a quick pudding. Whilst…

  • glazed saffron buns

    Glazed Saffron Buns

      I hope everyone has had a good Easter weekend. I used yesterday as a good excuse to catch up on some baking and today I’ve been enjoying the glorious sunshine…

  • Baking

    Spiced Christmas Biscuits

      Just for fun this weekend I thought I’d build a biscuit tree, as you do. Not long ago I bought a big set of 3D star shaped cutters from Lakeland…

  • Baking

    Luscious Lime & Coconut Drizzle Cake

    I had a little get together with some friends the other day and I wanted to bring a cake along with me. As it’s been warm and sunny lately I decided…

  • Baking

    Plum & Nectarine Frangipane Tart

    This is another one of my baking firsts, I had never made frangipane before I made this tart. It wasn’t something I’d been planning to make any time soon but I…

  • Baking

    Chelsea Buns

    I love a good sticky bun and it’s a tough call when faced with a Chelsea bun or a Belgian Bun, we quite often buy both types from the supermarket but…