Sfincione (Sicilian Pizza)

This week on my meal planning post I said that I was going to make an effort to make something from one of my Good Food magazines and so I made this pizza on Monday. I’ll be honest I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce the name of this pizza as my Italian is virtually non-existant. If anybody knows then please tell me because this is something that I’m definitely going to make again as it was delicious.The recipe for this pizza is available from Good Food here and I’ve entered it into Frugal Food Fridays organised by Helen from Fuss Free Flavours this month hosted by Caroline from Caroline Makes. I’ve entered this as a frugal dish because the base is cheap to make, I had homemade tomato sauce leftover from a meatball dish earlier in the week and I also used reduced price cumberland sausages for the pizza topping. The sausages were reduced to about £1.80 down from £4 for a pack of 12 and as this recipe only uses 2 sausages, the rest have been stashed in the freezer in 2 bags of 4 sausages and one bag of 2 sausages. I didn’t use the fennel sausages stated in the recipe, instead I bought the reduced price cumberland sausages and bashed up half a teaspoon of fennel seeds (already in the cupboard) and mixed them in with the sausage meat before frying. I’ve never seen fennel sausages in the shops and I imagine they are probably more expensive than the more ordinary varieties of sausage.

 I also couldn’t find any provolone cheese in the supermarket so I used some vintage cheddar instead which is always in the fridge. You’ll notice that I only put cheddar on half the pizza, this is because my boyfriend doesn’t eat cheese. Which of course meant that I had his share of cheese as well. I did put ricotta on his side of the pizza but then he decided he didn’t really like it and scraped it off so I got to eat that as well. I don’t think I can ever eat too much cheese! Other than that though he enjoyed it.

 The pizza base puffed up beautifully in the oven, probably because there were 2 sachets of yeast in there. I know I normally use dried active yeast for my bread but I ran out at the weekend and I haven’t found any in my local supermarket since I’ve moved so will have to make do with the fast action stuff.

The recipe says it serves 6 but I divided it into 4 bigger pieces because we are pizza piggies. We had the rest the next day although with less salad second time round as I got told off for putting too much on the plate here. He’s not the world’s biggest salad fan and to be honest I stuggled to finish that amount after eating all the pizza. I also managed to find a half price iceberg lettuce and reduced price tomatoes for this salad which made it even more of a bargain meal.

  • Caroline
    July 1, 2012 at 10:25 am

    This looks delicious! Thanks for entering it into Frugal Food Fridays.