Food For Thought

  • Cranberry tart with pecan pastry
    Christmas Pastry Sweet

    Cranberry Tart with Pecan Pastry

    It’s that time of year again where I get all excited about the return of fresh cranberries. Apparently I’ve created a reputation for myself as a truly cranberry obsessed food blogger,…

  • no-waste-food-badge_f_improf_190x206

    No Waste Food Challenge December

      For December I am guest hosting the No Waste Food Challenge for Elizabeth. The challenge has been running for a few years now with the aim of creating recipes using…

  • Golden Turmeric Spiced Porridge

    Golden Turmeric Spiced Porridge

    Despite the fact that it has been unseasonably warm so far this month, 3.8C above average according to the Met Office today, the blustery winds, grey skies and wet weather have…

  • nov

    My Dorset adventure has begun!

    Well that was a longer break from blogging than I anticipated. We moved house about 7 weeks ago and it took nearly that long to get the broadband connected. …